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Once you know your home buying budget and you’ve decided what type of home loan will work for you, it’s now time to get your loan Pre-Approved.

Pulling together all the documents for a Pre-Approval can be time-consuming. But what you’ll get will be worth it. Along with the Pre-Approval Letter stating how much the lender is willing to lend you, you’ll also get a good idea of the interest rate, fees, and other costs associated with buying.

A Pre-Approval letter also shows sellers and real estate agents that you are a serious buyer who can get financing, which can give you a crucial edge over competing home shoppers. And no, it’s not the same as being Pre-Qualified, that’s just a rough estimate of what the lender might let you borrow.

Program Highlights

Bank Statement Documentation Used for Income

Using bank statements is going to be higher and rate and points compared to a Fannie Mae type of conventional loan.  But  it’s nice to have options!

Foreign CPA Letter to verify Income

A letter from a Certified Public Accountant can be used to verify income on investment property transactions.  This enables you to have the equivalent of a 640 credit score.

No Income Verification

If verifying income through your CPA is a hassle then there is an option to do with out.  Ask for pricing.

Cryptocurrencies accepted for reserves, down payments and closing costs.

How cool is that!?

Let us get you Pre-Approved and on your way to buying an investment property in the US. We are here to help!

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