Loan Programs For
Investment Properties

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There are a number of programs available to investors with different kinds of property types,  locations, and goals.

Are you looking to acquire, finance, re-finance, rehab, or do construction on your property.  Take a look at the options available to you or your client.

Rehab – Fix & Flip or Fix and Hold

These renovation loan allow investors to cash out equity or financing the Purchase of a property with the goal of renovating that property and then either keeping it as a rental or selling it.
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Long Term Commercial Property Mortgage

These asset-based mortgage programs are designed for all types of small to large balance commercial properties across the UnitedStates. These are maximum leverage loans based on the properties ability to debt service based on rental income.
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Hard Money or Bridge Loans

These are short terms loans for typically one to two years.  They are Asset-based loans based on the value of real estate. They apply to all kinds of investment property types including Single Family Homes, Multifamily, Office, Industrial, Retail and more.
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Long Term Residential Rentals

Property types include Single Family Residential, and 1 – 4 Unit Multi-Family.  There are two mains types of programs for these types of properties.  There are programs that require traditional documentation of financials and tax returns.  And then is the DSCR product which is based on Rental income and debt for that property.
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Constructions Loans

These Construction loan programs are typically offered for
Heavy Rehab:
Ground Up Construction:
Load Development and Construction:

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