Best Construction Loan Programs around

Key Features

Loan Amounts

Minimum loan amount of $250,000 to $75,000,000


12, 18, & 24 month terms

Prepayment Penalty

Typically not applicable

Credit Score

Minimum 620

Lien Position

1st Position Trust Deeds / Mortgages only

Lending area

Multi State Nationwide


Recourse and Non-recourse considered

Key Features

Broken Construction
Land Development and Construction
Large Rehab

The Most Common Ground Up Construction Loans

Construction Loans

The loan takes you from acquisition to completion.

Construction-to-permanent loans

These loans provide funds to build your dwelling and for your permanent mortgage as well. This can only be acquired through banks and other traditional financial institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Licensed appraisers estimate a home’s value. They do this by assigning value to the plot of land on which the building is to be built, of the property that is to be refurbished and then comparing it to comparable properties. The properties used for comparison are referred to as “comps” and they inform the perceived value of your property.

Yes, you would need to show the projects that you have done that are similar and recent, or some kind of experience that is commensurate to the project that you are looking to do.


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