Team Testimonials

“I have been in the mortgage lending industry for over 20 years. During those 20 plus years I have worked for several different lending institutions and even owned/operated my own company for several years. As a true seasoned loan originator it is very difficult to find a company that has you and your borrower’s best interest in mind. It was not until I started working at Na-Nationwide Mortgage that I finally felt that I had found a perfect fit. I could not be happier that I chose to work here.”

— Greg Beckler


Greg Joined in 2014 Greg Joined in 2014

“If this wasn’t such an awesome company, I wouldn’t still be working here after 12 years!”

— Cindy Kelly

Cindy Joined in 2003 Cindy Joined in 2003

“I have worked for Nationwide for over a decade, if you are a seasoned loan officer who knows the business and are honest and ethical, then this is the place you will want to hang your license. Nationwide’s staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend them.”

— Linda Hollinghurst

Linda Joined in 2003 Linda Joined in 2003

“I’ve worked here for 13 years because Noelle’s always been good to me. I’ve found her to be very accessible. In addition, the office staff is very friendly and takes my questions and concerns seriously. Nationwide also offers a higher commission split than most brokers.”

— Robert Socki

Robert Joined 2002 Robert Joined 2002

“I have been working with Nationwide for 6 ½ Years and Noelle Wheeler’s experience and expertise leaves me feeling confident that my pipeline is in compliance. That in turn allows me the time and energy to focus on my loans.”

— Irene Kelly-Guyot

Irene Joined in 2011 Irene Joined in 2011

“I appreciate Noelle and the corporate office staff for always ensuring that we as loan officers are staying in compliance.”

— Manny Ybarra

Manny Joined 2012 Manny Joined 2012

“I have been processing for 23 years this month. N A Nationwide Mortgage has been such a pleasure to work with from start to finish…. Their system is seamless from beginning to end. After you prepare your initial disclosures, they are reviewed by the internal QC department to ensure there are no issues. Once your loan has funded, the closing package is loaded into the Point system and once again, it is run through QC to ensure it passes BRE and compliance standards. N A Nationwide Mortgage has been in business for many many years, and it’s easy to see why. The management team is readily available, and the MLO’s are a pleasure to work with. The staff is also always kind and diligent. They definitely know how to submit a complete package and calculate correct loan amounts which we all know makes the Processors job so much easier. This provides for quick closings and minimal conditions, which is a Processors dream come true! ”

— Stephanie Graves


Stephanie Joined in 2015 Stephanie Joined in 2015

“I love that I am always paid on time and the staff is always there to assist me with any issues that arise and answer any questions I have.”

— Jim Lunnen

Jim Joined in 2008 Jim Joined in 2008

“Nationwide is a great work environment. Talented and friendly staff make coming to work a pleasure.”

— Andrew Clemente

Andrew Joined 2015 Andrew Joined 2015

“Excellent place to work for. The staff is very friendly and provides a professional work environment. ”

— Ron Caluya

Ron Joined in 2008 Ron Joined in 2008

““I have worked with different Net Branches in the past and Nationwide is by far the best! I have worked with Nationwide for 10 years and they are very professional and extremely helpful in getting my transactions closed in a timely manner.””

— Gary Scotton