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Invest With Nationwide Mortgage FAQs

How do you obtain a promissory note?

You obtain a promissory note (become a lender or note holder) by either making a loan or purchasing an existing promissory note. Unless the loan is made or arranged by a real estate broker, a private party when making a loan will be subject to an interest rate ceiling imposed by the California State Constitution. Charging a rate in excess of this ceiling is referred to as usury. Even when purchasing an existing promissory note (unless the purchase is arranged by a real estate broker), a private party, depending upon the fact situation, may still be subject to usury. That’s why it’s important to work with a licensed, experienced Mortgage Professional. 

What is the security for your loan or note?

Market value and the equity in the property are the security of our loans. Therefore, it requires consideration of comparable sales and other market data by a competent professional.

What kind of loans does Nationwide originate?

  • Loans secured by California real estate
  • 1st or subordinate Deeds of Trust
  • Loan amounts from $20,000

Please note:

  • Ability to use IRA/qualified funds

  • Minimum $20,000 investment

The funding of a loan or the purchase of a promissory note is an investment which involves risk. Prior to becoming a lender of loans or a purchaser of promissory notes, you should be educate yourself at least on the Essential of Trust Deed Investing. 


Notes for Sale

We are selling notes for some of the loans we’ve funded. The list of notes for sale is published on our website but the page is password-protected. A password is provided to investors who are registered with Nationwide Mortgage.

If you do not have a password to access our Notes for Sale page, please contact us to request access.