Commercial Property Long Term Financing

Multi-Family, Mixed-use, and Small Commercial Properties. 

These asset-based mortgage programs are designed for self-employed real estate investors and small business owners who find it difficult to obtain
investment property financing.
Unlike traditional lenders, we believe all real estate investors, even the extraordinary ones, deserve an opportunity because people who grow communities by investing in places where people can live, work, and play are an inspiration to all.

Key Features

Customize loans to meet the individual needs of each investor.  Designed for real estate investors seeking lower payments on a long-term, fixed-rate loan with no balloon payment.

  • Interest-only payments up to 10 years.
  • Great for qualifying self-employed investors and small business owners.
  • Based on property value, not personal income.
  • Best alternative to hard money loans.

Loan Amounts

  • Minimum loan amount of $750,000
  • Maximum loan amount for 1 unit is $2,000,000 


  • 30 year fixed, fully amortized
  • 5 year Interest only, which reduces your payment.  Then 25 years following the interest only period. 

Prepayment Penalty

  • Minimum 1 year.  Can reduce the rate by adding up to 7 years of pre-payment penalty where permitted by state. 


Investor 1-4 Guidelines

Loan Amounts 1 unit max = $2MM
Loan Size 75% Max LTV | 70% LTV on refinance transactions ≥ $1MM.
Experience First time buyers are on a case-by-case basis for investment 1-unit properties.

General Guidelines

Purpose:   Purchase, Rate-Term Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance.
Loan Amounts: $75K – $5MM | Minimum loan amount for Multi-Family, Mixed-Use and Commercial is $100K.
Credit Score 650 minimum (mid FICO).
Lending Locations nationwide For ineligible locations, contact us your scenario
Impounds Required for property taxes and insurance.
Combined Loan to value 80% maximum Combined loan to value for multiple liens. 
Foreign Investors 65% maximum Loan to Value
Appraisal Required Yes
Experience First time investor 5% Loan to Value reduction for all property types


Benefits of this Program

Competitive Rates

Lock in low rates without providing tax returns.

Higher Loan to value

Small-balance commercial: up to 80%| 1-4-unit investor (DSCR): up to 85%.

Alternative Documentation

No tax returns required with our No Doc or Bank Statement solutions

Years in Business

Billion Dollars Funded

Closed Loans

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